unmotivated to remotivated - Thanks!

This morning I had a small whinge about feeling unmotivated, not getting any faster and not even getting close to my graduate 5k time of 32:35.

Iannoda, fitfor60 and Wheatls all gave me good sound advice and encouragement and i dragged my unwilling self out the door for my lunch run.

This was supposed to be my 30min run and I trotted off on a new route around the park. About halfway round i realised I was doing ok and as my 2nd km is always the hardest for me and the slowest I figured I could be in for a decent run. Helped along by an upbeat podcast of 90's music and miraculously no knee twinges I upped the pace and did my fastest 5k in 31:40.

So thanks you guys, I am so chuffed and happy to see some improvement that i think i have found some motivation again!

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  • That's fantastic , glad you have got your mo Jo back .

  • Fantastic news. I like a story with a happy ending.

  • Oh my goodness that's brilliant time but more important I can feel the excitement in your voice ! Just shows how good it feels when it all comes together the way we want Well done

  • Well done you that's amazing!!!

  • Good runs...bad runs...they are all runs. Great to know that you bounced back so quickly.

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