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Trying to keep running

The snow is here in Moscow but the temperature is still around 0 so I have been able to keep running outside after a failed attempt on the treadmill. I think my mental attitude was all wrong so will have another go when the temperature drops. There was no wind today so it was like running in a winter wonderland. I am trying to keep running but am wedded to Laura so I now do week 8 and week 9 runs but either run through the warm down walk or warm up walk and tack on an extra 5 mins to my own music either side of the podcast. It's keeping me running and I do find the music reassuring as I zone out just looking at the surroundings. So congratulations to all new graduates just keep running and enjoying it.

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Wow hilmil, I now have a fantastic image of you running past St Basils Cathedral, Red Square and the Kremlin. What a fabulous back drop. Keep wrapped up, and if all else fails hit the treadmill until the Spring.


I love the fact hat their are people from all over the world running for the common goal. I can imagine it's really cold there. I am sure you will manage to find some way to keep yourself going. I hope the wind dies down for you. Happy running,


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