Been out of the loop for 8 days. Tried Speed this morning - not a good idea for a proper poorly girl!

I have not been out for a run for more than a week because of a nasty chesty cold. Indeed I have spent the last 4 days in bed. Today is a glorious day and much too good to miss!. Not a cloud in the blue sky, bright sunshine and cool. Decided to get myself out with the intention to just do a bit and stop if necessary. Didn't get very far before calf muscles very achy so decided most of the 'run' would have to be a walk. I'm glad I went out but only managed 3.5km in 39 minutes. Decided I really like the Speed intervals podcast and looking forward to trying again soon. Hopefully in full!

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  • Yes Beek it's the first of them podcast I've tried & I like it .you did well to run that after being laid up , it takes it out of you .hope you are fully recovered soon

  • Hello Beek,

    I've been doing the speed and the stepping stones pod casts. I'm feeling quite challenged after my C25K plod.

    I have only listened to the intro for the stamina one and I'm ashamed to say...I swore at the lovely Laura

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