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Postponed my graduation : (

Had to make a really sad decision today to postpone my graduation run tomorrow, I have had some problems with facet joints in my back for the past year, but have been fine running but have somehow managed to inflame it, my physio has told me not to run till the pain has gone. I have already signed up for a Christmas Challenge 5k run this coming Sunday so have decided to rest up for a few days and then hopefully graduate and run a 5k on Sunday which will be fun and I will have a medal to treasure.

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Hope rest helps and everything goes well on Sunday I am sure it will be a great graduation run


Hi Mummy,

I was signed for a 5 k last Saturday but have had a really bad chest infection so had to postpone graduation on my after my penultimate run.... I was so gutted but after careful deliberation realised if I make myself more ill I'm going to be deconditioned a lot more that a fortnight's rest. You are doing the right thing... The thing that has kept me inspired is all the lovely people on here who are wonderfully supportive and understanding. Keep the belief and you will rock it !!!! x


You have made the right decision . Come Sunday you will feel the benefit of listening to your body . Will be thinking about you Sunday have a great graduation run


Thank you for your lovely comments I will hopefully be celebrating Sunday


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