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I haven't posted here for a long time, but still enjoy reading a few of yours from time to time, and seeing a few familiar names still here. I started couch to 5k some time in February, deciding that at 51 fitness really needed to be part of my life again. I battled cold, wind and rain but was very determined to complete the course, which I did. After falling and breaking my arm shortly afterwards, I picked myself up and knew that running was for me as I missed it so much. I continue to run 3 times a week, and have actually completed two parkruns, a challenging but rewarding experience.

I still use Laura from time to time, and am now working on increasing speed a little - parkrun puts me at 33 minutes. 'Speed' is still my favorite podcast. My goal is to get below the 5k in 30 minutes at some point, but hey. there's no hurry....

The rewards of running keep on coming. Both physically and mentally I feel so much better, and socially I have made new friends. It really has become a solid, enjoyable and positive part of my life and as always it's thanks to couch to 5k!

Best wishes and good luck to you all..

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That's a lovely post , just shows how c25k changes peoples life in the best way. I have only just graduated (sun ) not had no probs apart From knees protesting a bit ,& right ankle joining in . But apart from that I've found it sometimes challenging , but have been fortunate enough to not have to repeat any runs . It's certainly changed me in mind & body & it's inspiring to read about someone who even as had a set back as still carried on . Hope I too still continue to enjoy my running post grad as you do . All the best in future runs .

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Hi petal, it's nice to see your name again! It's great to hear you're still running - and a parkrun in 33 minutes is far faster than I ever hope to do it - very impressive! Happy running to you :)


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