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The Xmas Quest week 3

Hi all and welcome to the third week of our quest

There has been an even greater response now, so everyone involved is named below. It's not too late if any one wants to be added. We are all about being inclusive.

Sounds like everyone is getting on really well with their running. There are some really good personal times and distances being recorded. Hopefully everybody is on track to reach their own personal goals.

Please bear with me if I make any mistakes as I am not used to doing this sort of thing.










































Oh and me realfoodieclub.

Good luck everybody and happy running.

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Well my running has been somewhat scuppered by another sickness bug. Haven't actually been ill since Saturday, but am very aware that my food intake has been too low for me to contemplate running for any length of time (getting up 2 storeys to my flat has been enough to make my legs wobbly).

On Thurs I did run 1 of wk3 of my bridge to 10k plan. Tomorrow I have a meeting and I'm not sure if I'll be able to run before it (no way I can run round here in the dark), so that might make it Wed, which will be after 5 "rest days" so I'm not sure yet if I'll do the same again or an easier run. Still hoping to get to 10k or an hour by Dec 14th, but it's definitely looking like more of a challenge...


Sorry to hear you've not been well. Hope you are able to get back out there soon.


Well I'm up to 18mins now & hope to be back up to 30mins by 14/15 Dec. I'm running a little faster but that's still fairly slow. Love my Garmin. Ankle still plays up but no more at the end of the run than at the beginning of the run. Please keep your fingers crossed. Oh yes and I'm a much happier bunny since I've started back. Far less stressed. :) :) This is a great idea Rfc Thanks


I graduated on Saturday so am now focusing on improving my distance over 30 minutes for 2 of the runs and extending the time I run for (and distance) during the 3rd run to help me reach my goal of running 5 km by 14 December. I hope I'll be able to achieve this but it won't ruin my Xmas if I don't as there's always 2014!


I was disappointed when I had to miss my run on Thursday night due to family commitments. However I did manage a parkrun on Saturday and knocked 16 seconds off my personal best. So two parkruns down and two to go and a step nearer to my target time - woo hoo!


Pretty chuffed to report my goal of a half-marathon was completed at the weekend :)

Christmas always seems to arrive early anyway...


Wow well done.


Unfortunately had to give Parkrun a miss as both my old injuries flared up so a fail for me. :-(


Ohhhhh please don't say fail. Your injured you need to treat yourself with care. You will be up and running soon. Look after yourself.


You are quite right rfc, I apologise for using the F word ;-) I am volunteering next parkrun so it will give me a chance to take it easy. Thanks for your support, you take it easy too & hopefully we'll both be up and running soon.


Parkrun for me on a beautiful crisp Saturday morning and very very very nearly there 30min 01sec! So I am running 'naked', no Laura, no music, no distractions next weekend.

Signed up for jingle jog on 15th dec, downloaded b210k for post-quest, 2014 challenge and sat indoors this evening wearing my brand new running headtorch - it was cold drizzle this eve or very cold bright sunshine in the morning. Haven't done my old run route for a while. Will post a pic of headtorch after use!

Thanks RFC, it is great to check in again and have something to report x


Did 4 runs last week and experimented with distance and speed. Am only a minute and a half of being able to run 40 minutes now and my speed has improved to 35.5 minutes for 5k. Have downloaded the 'speed' podcast and aim to try it after I finish work today - that is me making a commitment to do that! I always feel very de-energised after working, partly because my work involves me being enthusiastic all day so a walk seems easier. However today I will go for a run before tea - a speed run :)


4 runs! Woohoo!


Woohoo right enough!


Wow some fantastic responses this week. I am struggling a bit but getting there. This week found out my iron levels are a bit low so I am still running but taking care not to injure myself. I am hoping that in a couple of weeks I will be back up to full force but I refuse to give in to it just modify what I am doing to keep everything moving.


Poor you. Hope that you've got some proper iron tablets? It takes a while to build your iron stores up.


Hope you get your energy back (and iron levels up) soon. Take it easy and eat lots of broccoli.


Hi Rfc,that's the spirit ! I hope you start to feel better really soon.

My aim by mid-December is to just keep on getting out there three...or preferably four times a week and hopefully to be running 5K ,at least , each time.Last week I did a 4K, 3.7K and a 5.5K ,though the last one took me 50 minutes ...but hey, I ran for 50 minutes non stop ,so I'm pleased about that !

Yesterday I ran 3.6K as it had to be a short one ,so I went out this morning and did a quick 2.3K to try and make up for it a bit, though I don't usually run on consecutive days.

Second part of my ' goal' is to lose 2-3 kilos by mid December and I'm nearly a kilo down ,partly due I think to the fact that

I've given up alcohol for the month of November...though I actually started that on Monday 28 th October. I was keen to see if it would be more beneficial to my running...I think it is.

Still planning to sample my home made sloe gin or vodka on the first day of December though :)

Happy running to all you Xmas Questers !


Hi everyone, sorry to have been AWOL for a week but I have good news! Acting on advice from other grads I stopped the walk/run pattern as I wasn't getting anywhere. Apparently it uses different muscles (which, if I think about it, I probably could have worked out anyway) so no wonder I was stalled. Anyway, I set off just to run as far as I could - v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y - and it worked! 25 whole minutes! So I am going to re-jig my goal slightly and make it that I will be running 30 mins relatively comfortably. Thanks for doing this, rfc, and for letting me play, everyone :)


Xmas quest goals sort of on track - the running is going ok - and think i will be up 7 mies in dec. I am struggling with the cold though - my legs don't won't to work on these icy mornings.

weight wise - stayed the same - but completely my own sabotaging efforts!


I haven't made any progress on my 10k in under an hour quest, well not in any real measurable terms anyway as I only made 9.25k on my long run this week. My knees were starting to complain so I always stop the instant they give me any grief. I didn't get a time either as my watch died halfway round. But I did do a speedy 5k on Tuesday night, 29.34, which if I can keep that pace up will definitely be a sub 60 minute 10k. That's a long way off though as the 5k was hard enough!!


Drat and double drat! Went for a run on Thursday and did something to my calf. Only ran for about 4 minutes before I stopped as I realised that I was going to make it far worse if I carried on. So, enforced rest for a little while. It's a pain as I was not too far off 5k in 30 minutes. Methinks that I need to find a better way of warming up my calves before running!


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