At last!

Well that's it. W9R3 over, C25K, done! Carn't believe it. What a good programme. Time for me badge - wish it was a real one, maybe a little enamel job with an icon of a running person on it. With wings on their feet, or on their helmet, or something. Or an icon of a pair of winged feet! Showing the badge could be like a secret handshake, or you could maybe get into some places free like with the old Blue Peter badge!

Good programme, great community. Good luck to everyone still in the middle of it, and congrats to everyone who got to the end....or is that really the beginning?

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  • You've done it, congratulations, but as you've only just started. Wishing you many happy miles of running in the future.

    You can always tell a C25ker, they are the smiling runners who always say hello to everyone. That's better than a badge.

  • I've had a discussion at work today , with somebody who said , when I see a runner with a smile on there face I'll join em ! Just somebody who doesn't like running & never tried it .

  • Funny thing, when I'm running at home people on the street are really friendly. I've been away for a couple of weeks and here, there are more visible runners, probably because there are less pedestrians. Some are deadly serious and never smile! Some are chugging along like me and we have a friendly wave at each other.

  • Fantastic well done, I hope to be joining you next week with a badge of my own. It really is an amazing programme for getting us out there

  • best of luck for next week x

  • CONGRATULATIONS! Hope your laughing gear is aching from the pleasure of Graduation! Savour those wonderful feelings for as long as you can! WELL DONE!

  • Thanks so much. Laughing gear - I'll have to look into that.

  • Also known as chuckle muscles!

  • Well done! Amazing :)

  • Thank you!

  • Rock on - fantastic congratulations to you - well done :-)

    P.S. I quite like your badge thoughts- maybe health unlocked will note.

  • Aw thanks (I think I would quite fancy the winged feet one)

  • Congratulations , hopefully me too next week at this time . Well done , enjoy your running .

  • Thanks, I think I will enjoy, you too. best of luck for next week

  • Congratulations I think you right it is just the beginning Good luck in the next stage of your journey as a runner

  • Thank you so much. Next stop, who knows?

  • Well done and congratulations on graduating. Graduation is hopefully the start of something new for you, but what that becomes is really up to you. There are some post graduation podcasts on the NHS site when you are ready.

    For now though it's time to celebrate and to look forward to that shiny new graduation badge :)

  • Congratulations and welcome to the graduation club. Keep smiling and keep right on running. You are right this is just the beginning and I look forward to reading your posts to find out which direction you decide to go in - will it be podcasts, parkrun, or a 10k - good luck with your future running.

  • Well done. Good luck with your future running. Love the idea of runners waving to each other.

  • Well done. I graduated last week and have still got my happy running smile. All the best with your future running x

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