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Started before but determined this time

I actually started the couch to 5k back in February, then again in March and again in about July. The furthest I got was week 2 but even then I was kidding myself as I knew I'd never fully done week 1.

I'm determined this time though. I actually started out again at the end of September - this time rather than start directly on the couch to 5k programme though, I just mapped myself a 2mile round route from my house and walked it every day at lunchtime, moving into a jog when I felt I could and tracking my prgress using runtastic. I also started a blog and shared it with a few people to give me a bit more of an incentive to stick with it.

I actually stuck to that for a full month which is longer than I've ever gone before and I found myself quite enjoying it and not feeling quite right when I had to miss a day for whatever reason.

Last week I started the couch to 5k again and was surprised by how easy I actually found week one, previously I'd had to stop when I got the 4th run and walk till about the 7th. This time I completed it all easily - out of puff but nothing unmanageable.

Today was the first run of week 2 and other than the last 30 seconds of the final run (when I was stupidly heading uphill - will change my route for next time) I managed it all. I could barely lift my arms to drink my water at the end of it but I did it.

I don't have any huge plans, I don't think I'll ever be a marathon runner but I turn 40 in two years and I do want to be a lot fitter (and hopefully a lot lighter) by then.

I must admit I'm quite worried now about the weather turning bad. I have been out in really rainy weather and that's been fine but it's been a bit warmer then. What do people wear when it's very cold and wet? It's hard isn't it as the actual running bit keeps you hot but I can't keep up the very brisk pace on my cool down walk as that starts at the bottom of the steep hill I live at the top of!

Nice to meet you all!

Donna x

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Hi Donna, nice to meet you too! Sounds like you are a lot fitter this time, those lunchtime walks have really paid off. Good luck with the rest of week 2.

I was out this morning and realised my hands were really cold for the first half of my run. Heated up after that but thinking I will be needing gloves.

I bought a few items of clothing in aldi when they had running gear and I love them. Bit of getting used to wearing skin tight trousers but they are great for running, and warm too. So far I have just needed the running trousers and a long sleeved running top. I think I will just put on a tight vest and if it gets very cold long johns under the running trousers. One of those buff things might be handy when it's frost too.

Not sure about the rain though. Some folk have said that a rain jacket is only good when it's really wet otherwise it's like a sauna suit :(


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