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How do we know our speed/pace for sure?

When I was doing the plan I used map my walk to track stuff like distance and speed and it said I was around the 8min/km mark, since finishing I'm using bluefin and my own music which is around 108-111 bpm and attempting to run to the beat and bluefin says I'm around 7min/km mark.. I don't think I'm that quick!!

I may try going back to doing speed once a week as part of the challenge now!!

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If you stick with one device for recording your runs it will be easier to see your progress. I use Map My Wotsit and its fine. There may be a small time difference compared with the podcast I use as it bounces around the satellite but as I won't be competing against Mo Farah I can probably live with that :)


Ha excellent! Thank you! I'll stick to bluefin for now then, it says I'm going quicker! I haven't changed anything like where I put my phone or anything so I don't understand the difference! I just like to know for interest really and also for choosing songs!


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