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W3 finished... Bring on W4

Having had a week's rest due to a knee injury I sustained during an very enthusiastic game of musical bumps at a hen party, I was really apprehensive about running W3 R3 last night. However it wasn't too bad at all!

I had been swithering about doing an extra run for W3 just to make sure I would be ready for W4 but in a moment of madness I decided to keep running after the last 3 minute run just to see how far I got. I got to the end of the podcast! Really looking forward to week 4 now as I know I can do it. And to quote Laura I did feel much better have pushed myself through a difficult run. Here's hoping I keep it up :) Very smug and pink.

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Hope you won the musical bumps ! Sounds like you are more than ready for week 4 and will get on fine. Just watch not to push yourself to cover too far too soon as I have been reading about that and it is apparently a major cause of injury. Oh I sound like a killjoy, and I don't mean to be... I am probably a lot more wary of that being a more ' mature' runner :)

happy running !


I was second unfortunately! I will definitely be keeping an eye on it and will look in to getting some support if feels wrong. In the mean time I will keep running at my very slow pace :)


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