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30 minute running

I did my first 30 min run tonight. My first of week 9.

I can't quite believe how far I've come and how close the end is.

Admittedly I'm at about 3.5k so not quite the 5k target, but the fact that I've done this and enjoyed it is utterly amazing to me.

I know the pace will increase as I improve and I've never been too competitive over it so its not a major deal at this point in time.

My goal at the start was simply to run for 60 seconds without dieing and then somewhere in the far off future I had this notion of running 30 mins 3 times a week. That was the most I could ever hope for from this!

Well that goal is nearly there. I'm so close and so excited.

My running journey is a nice chunk of the year between August bank holiday and when the clocks change! 9 weeks to take a bonafide couch potato with depression and no motivation to a regular runner!

I hope I'm not counting my chickens too early but I feel so happy with my progress and to have made it into week 9 that I had to post.

Seriously anyone between week 1 and week 9 reading this, the best advice I can give is to have faith in yourself and give it a try. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Even from bad or failed runs. You're still out there on your feet trying. And you never know, you might just surprise yourself like I have.

Thanks c25k, you're a life saver!


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Nice post, thanks!

In week 5 at the moment. All runs have been hard, but managed everything so far. I'm now taking more than a week per week though as I do other sports and know I must keep taking a days break between anything which involves much running around and doing one of these runs. Also at a point when I know if I fail a run, that won't be game over. Seeing posts like yours is really helping, so thanks!


Hi Hezzabelle, so brilliant to hear from you and to know that you're on the final countdown! Isn't it amazing? This C25K journey has completely hooked so many of us ... And I suspect there were a few fatties, blobbies, nutters, twitchers, doubters, slobs etc etc out there too... No bloomin' matter we've done it and proved we're ok when it comes to getting fitter and looking after ourselves!

Many congratulations for sticking with the programme. I betchya sometimes it's been tough but you've pulled through! Bravo girlie :D just another couple of those 30 minute outings and you'll be flaunting the graduate badge. All the best. Look forward to you graduation run post in a few days! Cheers, Linda

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Well done! I honestly can't believe I'm able to run for 30 minutes either - never thought I would see the day!


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