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advice sought

I done R3 yesterday of week one. This was the first outdoor run I have done as I have been on the treadmill.

Today I am aching all over, front of legs, back, bum and chest. I was planning to start week 2 tomorrow after having today off.

Do you think I should still do it tomorrow - if I do I thought I will try it on the treadmill.

I don't really want to get out the routine.

I have even gone and bought my first ever running mag - women's running.

I can see what you all mean now about becoming addicted.

Any thoughts/feedback would be appreciated.

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For me running is about being outdoors I would keep the dreadmill for really bad weather days. Well done on your progress so far and yes it is very addictive. Good luck for the rest of the program.


Thanks. I really enjoyed running outdoors and the terrain had inclines which I hadn't done before so I think that's why I am stiff and tender today. I don't want to spoil any progress by getting an injury as I enjoy it so much. I care for my husband who has a muscular dystrophy and have a 17 yr old daughter with ME so I get very little me time.

Running just makes me feel better about myself and gives me time to do something for myself.

Congratulations on your achievements you must be really pleased with yourself.


I have done the majority of the weeks on the treadmill (now on wk 8, run 2) but for last two weekends have done the run outside. Looking at the stats, u use a lot more energy outside with my average hr and max hr a lot higher than the controlled treadmill run.

I would continue on the treadmill so you dont miss out on your schedule but try and incorporate outdoor runs in the future.

Good luck - it is fun however you do it!


Thanks for that, I think I will do the treadmill tomorrow and go back outside Tuesday. I am just a bit tender today and don't want to incur any injuries.


I have only run outside, but I can remember in week one that was the week I suffered the most with stiffness and I think I allowed 2 days between runs. There does seem to be agreement on this site that treadmill v outside are not the same so perhaps a bit of each is actually a good compromise, and allow different goals to be achieved from both.


Thanks c4ts, I definitely found it harder outside and the terrain has quite a few inclines. I have only done flat runs on the treadmill so I think they may be why I am a bit stiff and tender today. I did notice that I perspired a lot more on the treadmill though. I think I will try and combine outdoors and do the treadmill too. I just can't believe how addicted I've become.


I've only ever run outside. I think the added benefits you get from that are the sunshine (when it's there!) and the fresh air and vitamin D. All good for us. But important for you to avoid injury at this stage, so if the treadmill suits you and is more comfortable at the moment, then use that. I agree inclines are really hard work - I have chosen my route so the steep ones I go downhill, and only up the gentle ones. I have the greatest respect for people who have been running in hilly places since the start of the plan. All the best with your running for the future!


Thanks annasee. It's great to have feedback from runners who have the experience and knowledge I have yet to gain.

I will keep at it!!!


Hi Jane, great attitude!


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