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Too Slow????

I've just completed wk5 r3 and although the last 60 seconds seemed to go on forever I felt really pleased with myself. However that all changed when I decided, rightly or wrongly to check how far I'd actually run and when I realised I'd only done 2.6km in 20 mins I now feel really deflated. Is this too slow? At this rate I'll never be able to do 5k in 30mins.

I think I need some advise.

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Nope - that is not a bad speed in my opinion! Thats less than 40 minutes for 5k. Taking into consideration that W5 R3 is the first non-stop run I think thats pretty darn good. My aim so far has been to get the programme done and then build on speed / distance once graduated. This is working and I've noticed my times getting better as the stamina builds. Just think back to W1 R1 and think how far you'd have got in 20 miuntes back then :)


Definitely agree you should focus on running the length of time first and work on speed later, I think the c25k title can be misleading as a good proportion don't get to 5k in the 9 weeks - but c230mins wasn't as snappy a title. ;-)


That's doesn't sound bad at all to me. The majority of us weren't managing a whole 5k in 30 minutes at the end of week 9. It's taken me another year to get to the magical sub-30 minute 5km.

You also probably need to slow down a little as the runs get longer, it's about learning to pace yourself at this stage. Speed can be worked on once you have graduated. And there's no such thing as "too" slow - you're running and you've just run for 20 whole minutes ! :-)


Thanks guys, that's just the sort of motivational talk I needed. Maybe I should just concentrate on the fact that i managed my first 20 min run :)


I agree with everyone else. It is time not distance at the moment. I worried that my run is too slow - but it was only me who cared. Just enjoy the running and sense of achievement. Well done you.


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