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Week 2 run 2: everything went great and then my knees started hurting! Advice appreciated!

I've been so excited to get to wk 2, my week 1 went fantastic and I am focusing on breathing right. I started my first run on a chilly evening, and decided for my second run to go mid afternoon to take advantage of the sunny weather. I had no trouble with breathing, my pace was good, however both of my knees started feeling sore around the second/third 90-second run. I got through the run, then thought it might be a good idea to just keep walking so my knees don't get too tight when I cool down. I walked slowly and the ache was still there. When I got home several hours later (my run was farther away from home so I had to drive back), the knees hurt even more. I applied Tiger Balm and afterwards an ice pack to cool the area, as a bit of swelling just under the knees was showing. This morning it's mostly just my left knee, but the right one feels better. Anyone else having this problem? I'd like to figure out how to get some knee strengthening exercises, and to properly rest my knees before the next run, which I might postpone by an extra day. It's tough to walk on that left leg now. But I am definitely running as soon as I can since it's become a source of happiness for me!!!!

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I'm in the same boat , same knee , go to docs , get checked out . I've been earlier today ,he . Says all's well and to expect it when first starting out ,I can carry on . Running preferably on . Grass while pain goes . He gave me , some knee exercises to do , hope ur knee heals quickly but . Go and get checked out


At 63 my knees aren't strong but I do some knee bends (raising my knees upwards) as I'm doing the warm-up walk to loosen the joints. My knees definitely haven't got worse and I run around 5K three times a week.


I had problems with my left knee in week 5 couldn't put any weight on it i rested it for about 4 weeks. I was also running in an old pair of trainers so i went to Sweatshop had a gait analysis and bought a pair of trainers to match my running style and have been OK since. I would definitely recommend gait analysis many sports shops do it now if you have not had it done already.


NHS knee strengthening exercises - I'm trying them out.


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