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Week 7 run - knees hurting


Does anyone have any advice on aching knees... I initially had achy shins but the more I ran I seem to have worked through them but the knees are now starting up..... By the way I just ran wk 7 run 1 and its says im now an official runner ..yay !!

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I had the same. First shins then knee's finally my achilles tendon. I used a support bandage for the tendon but pushed through. feel much better now.

hitsGraduate in reply to phillyq

Hi phillyq

Other than a clicking knee which I didn't have before, I managed the first 7 weeks more or less OK - with just the occasional hard/harder session. However, towards the last couple of minutes of my first run of week 8 my right achilles tendon started to become painful and the following day it was really inflamed and sore. So, after a trip to the local sports physio, I've been advised to stop running for a few weeks. Interestingly he said there were a number of factors that have caused this problem with a major one being my old trainers. As I'm still going to the gym - cross trainer and static bike work only - I went to specialist running shop and had a gait analysis and now have some shoes which feel like walking on cushioned springs. I just wish that I'd bought them a few weeks ago!

However, what interested me on your reply was that you used a support bandage for your tendon and kept going and it's much better now. Please tell me what type of support you used and how you pushed through.

NewlifeLilGraduate in reply to hits

Strange... the last few minutes of Week 8 runs did in my right calf too! I've had to take 10 days off - started again yesterday with Wk 6 R1 and it was ok, but I was aware of it, so I mustn't push things. II was very disappointed... especially as I've followed the programme and done thing gradually... but a friend pointed out that 8 weeks of gradual increase isn't much in the context of 30 years of inaction! So I'm being more patient and will have longer breaks between runs.

I have bought new expensive trainers... but haven't tried them out yet! Scared to, as if they are no good I've wasted my money :(

hitsGraduate in reply to NewlifeLil

You're 100% right - but when you get to week 8 it's so close to smelling the sweet smell of success!

Following my physio's advice , last night I went to the gym and spent 25 minutes on a cross trainer and the same time on a static bike - my Achilles was really sore this morning and that's after icing it twice last night. Today I've spent another £40 at the sport physio's, £10 on a gym ball (following his recommendation) and last week, like you, I bought a new pair of expensive running shoes. And now, I'm told that it's unlikely that I'll be running again for at least another 3-4 weeks. In reality, I'm probably looking for a magic wand but I just want to finish the c25 and then do some parkruns. I've got no ambition to do half or full marathons but I was really - unexpectedly - really starting to enjoy going out for a run and feeling the camaraderie of the other C25 runners.

But as Arnie said, "I'll be back", but it's not so easy to be patient.

NewlifeLilGraduate in reply to hits

Yes .. really really hard. But it is worth waiting to get properly better. Good luck :)

Oh I sure do have advice on achy knees ! I started whith them round about end of wk 2 , it was horrible I even went to docs , who after a examination said there was nothing wrong & to carry on running. It was just my body getting used to running . So now after taking 2 & sometimes 3 rest days in between , new trainers , & knee exercises they are fine . But now lol my ankle as started , nothing major just stiff & sore (I am 55) so try the above , but if your worried go to the doctor , it's best to be safe , you don't want to be doing yourself further damage by carrying on regardless . Hope this helps , I sympathise ,knees are horrible when they start .

NerdioGraduate in reply to Rockette

You have largely nailed this on the head, in that a lot of the aches and pains are you getting used to running. But, there is also one important thing you didn't mention (and this was the cause of ankle issues for me).

During your cool down walk, say half way through, it is important to do some stretches. Running will tighten and therefore shorten your muscles. Stretching pulls them back out again. I had dreadful ankle trouble, but a set of all over leg stretches sorted it. The leg is one long chain of muscles and stuff (not a doctor obviously), and problems at one end can lead to problems at the other.

Worked for me, and I have had knee and ankle issues.

(Oh, BTW be careful to stretch properly. I have a sore back due to over enthusiastic stretching the other week. Off to see the physio in an hour :-)

Rockette in reply to Nerdio

Thanks I will try this , so instead of stretching after walk do it before , midway ? I've rested 2 days because of ankle , it's just sore & stiff . I'm not having to limp , but I did have to Monday after the 20 min run , or in my case 20min+ coz of app playing up . Thanks anyway I'm doing r1 wk 6 tomorrow & will do as you say .


I have the same experience as rockette. Get to the docs and check but I got told to rest,(I had 3 days off) apply ibuprofen gel, take painkillers and keep going.


After you visit the doctors I think you should then look at your trainers for they may need changing. When I started ( not knowing the right foot wear ) my knees was hurting after every run. Went to a running shop who was able to check my gait and after purchasing a new pair of Trainers my knees love me for it.


There is a knee strengthening section on this site that is very helpful. Give it a go.

Hope they feel beter soon. I know what it is like. I am resting from running due to the knee pain but swimming instead and doing the exercises as well.

A1nsworthGraduate in reply to alcopop

Hi Can you tell me where the knee section is?

SpiritualencounterGraduate in reply to A1nsworth

It hurting just above the patella in the end of the muscles where they attach to the knee

alcopopGraduate in reply to A1nsworth

Follow this link


it should take you to the page,

al the best


I used to get aching knees before I started the programme.I thought it was the start of arthritis as it used to keep me awake at night and I would have to take pain killers.When I started running,initially it got worse and I was quite worried about it.I never suffer now,and as an oldie that is brilliant,so don't give up.I think you're body is just getting used to things.I f they are very painful go to the docs,but very well done getting this far.You are a runner now x


I've had this problem too, aged 60. I found decent shoes, attention to running style (mid strike landing) and fish oil made all the difference. The latter was startling. I don't like taking supplements so I use occasionally rather than every day but my body clearly appreciates and uses it.

A1nsworthGraduate in reply to AnnieF

I also take fish oil.I think its great

Rockette in reply to A1nsworth

Yes forgot to mention them , I do , I started when the knees did .

A1nsworthGraduate in reply to Rockette

Are you ok now?

Rockette in reply to A1nsworth

Yes knees are fine , now it's my right ankle ! Old age me thinks .

Rockette in reply to Rockette

Don't think it's anything seriouse , just sore & a bit stiff .

Thank you all for your kind advice... x YES I am a runner now and when Laura said this I started waving me arms and sprinted the final bit home.... IT FEELS GOOD !!!!

I bet it does , I can't wait I'm about to start wk6 should start today but I'm having extra rest day . Well done .

A1nsworthGraduate in reply to Rockette

Think extra rest days are really important if you need them.I never did that befor graduation but do now and wish I had taken that break


Firstly, see the doctor or physio; secondly, get a gait analysis done; and lastly, try a Vulkan knee support and/or take some ibuprofen ~ but don't over-do them! Good luck, and HAPPY RUNNING

Hidden in reply to Hidden

I should have added ~ make sure you have your rest days too!

Rockette in reply to Hidden

Yes I agree Sally , ibrufen helps , I took two once a day , when I had knee probs & it helped a lot . Also extra rest days I hade 5 days off when they where really bad , they where gratefull , I could tell lol x


I went to the physio and also 'munch' two ibuprofen when I feel I may need them, and I haven't had a problem since ~ and mine were really bad ~ I almost had to be rescued from Helvellyn!


Hi, can I ask where you're landing on your foot? I know Laura says to heel strike but that really isn't good, there's a lot of force travelling up your leg when you land on your heel, hence the sore legs, knees etc. If you land with more of a midfoot strike, your calves will hurt until you get used to it, but if you're landing with your foot more under your hip than out in front and trying to take quicker steps (a higher cadence, you don't actually have to move forward any quicker) I think you'll find that you land a little gentler, therefore, being a little kinder to your joints. Extra cushioning in your shoes isn't really needed and it isn't going to help that much as you'll be landing softer anyway...plus it's a more efficient way of running and also uses less energy :o)


I think your body is just getting used to it. My knees used to hurt but I lost three stone and they're now feeling much better. Do some knee bends as you're doing your warm-up five minute walk, just lifting each leg up to bend each knee - tells them what they're in for! I'm nearly 64 and they're behaving themselves nowadays.

My heel strike is interesting as I have a built up shoe and orthotic.. I am going to give them an extra couple of days rest I think... until the ache starts to subside .

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