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Week 16 and it's feeling harder!!!

I had hoped that post graduation I would be running longer and further but I am still doing 30 minutes and 4 k. I'm still running on grass and as my field is changing from cricket to rugby the grass is left longer now so don't know whether this is contributing to my heavy tight legs. Hubby said he found it tough yesterday too. I've also had a niggling thigh strain but not enough to stop me running. It Sod's law isn't it that my sports physio cured my tight ITB on my right leg and now apparently my left leg is rotating outwards and causing some shortening and discomfort in my left thigh. I am persevering with the massages but they are so painful I could cry We are off to Egypt tomorrow for 2 weeks and will pack running gear in case!!!! If not lots of snorkelling diving and swimming will hopefully maintain my fitness levels. Sorry for the moan and groan you lovely people. Happy healthy running to you all!!!

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have a lovely time in egypt, see how you go when you get back,the break might just give you the lift you need. I can imagine running through long grass being quite hard work and slowing you down, this would affect your speed and distance i would imagine :)


I'm not a fan of running on grass (long or short) as I find the grass takes a lot of the energy out of my legs. Have you tried just running 5k to see how long it takes you? It might be easier to do the 5k at your current pace just to see how it feels, then you can worry about speeding up later...


Thank you for your kind responses. I think I will vary my routine when I get back. I might try the indoor running track at my fitness centre for one of my runs because this will come in handy if it snows. My local park paths are another option to try and still haven't tried the treadmill. The thing is - come hell or high water - running is just something we both feel we just have to do!!!!! What's happened to us????


Hey Mazz , lovely to see a post from you :)

First of all , hope you have a great holiday...enjoy some of those fun activities ...even if you don't get to run ( maybe a tad warm?) the watersports will help keep you fit I'm sure.

Don't be too disheartened re your times and distance...since graduation I'm the same. If I run between 40 -45 minutes I cover 5K to 5.2K ...this morning in the clammy fog (got warm very quickly and I hate that ) I stopped after 30 minutes as I'd just had enough and that was 4K. I also did the final 5 minutes round the edge of the local sports field.....the grass was too long ,full of ' superslugs'( disgusting!) and really hard to run on, so I soon ducked under the rail to get to the more worn path through the shorter grass round the outside of the pitch,which was marginally better...not keen on running on grass at all though.

At least we are still getting out there...I think there is a danger of expecting too much too soon after graduation maybe?

Hope the swimming etc eases that niggly thigh pain.

Bonnes Vaçances :)


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