waaaah!!!!! London Marathon has accepted me - I am rabbit in the headlights

I posted a while ago I had been accepted for the London Marathon - but I had not heard anythinhg all summer - so wondered if it was a (rather relieved)figment of my imagination - but no the confirmation has just come through. I am hyperventalating and I have palpatations. I don't think that is a good sign!


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29 Replies

  • Well done you, no excuses now :-)

  • I know i know - no excuses - but still it is terrifying....

  • Crikey, that IS a bit of an ooh-er moment! But.....you've plenty of time, and you're already a graduate......so Go for it. Everyone here will support you (and I suspect you won't be the only one).

  • Ha ha - yes 'oh dear' more like. But thank you for the support and will no doubt need the support of this site. I consider myself in the pre- marathon training stage - i want to be able to do a confident/comfortable 6 miles and then build from there! I know all the theroy - it just the doing it :-)

  • WOW! That's very exciting, yet terrifying news! Look forward to hearing your training progress. You'll rock it, no worries :)

  • Thank you - terrifying is the right word - training in progress - see above reply. And then start in ernest in December - have bought book - the non runners guide to a marathon.....

  • Don't let Laura hear you call yourself a non runner!

  • Wow, good on you looking forward to your positive updates!


  • Wow and lots of finger nail biting - will work on the positive updates - just still a bit bedazzled a the moment

  • Wow, that's amazing! I am going to enter every year until I am accepted! Good luck and I am sure you will do great.

  • Thank you - it does feel like amazing news- seeing that entry number was a big gulp moment. Good luck on your own endeavours

  • Wonderful news. There's no doubt that you can do it - you just have to persuade yourself that you can. I knew I could do the Great North, but on the morning of the run, and despite all my self motivational thinking, I was still wondering what the heck I had been thinking of - no way could I do this. But it was fine. So put those doubts away, get your funky trainers on and enjoy the experience of building up to a wonderful event that you'll just love and look back on with pride.

  • thanks Malcy - that is lovely encouragement. Despite my nerves - i am a positive and detemined person. I will finish one way or totha. Massive congrats to you the GNR. :-)

  • woohooo...fabuloso, and that is sooooo scary, but so amazing to have something so utterly amazing to aim for...you can do it...xxx

  • ha ha thank you. I am 50 next year and it felt like the right year to do something amazing. Thought it would be a fab holdiay to New york - but somehow I was presuaded this was the thing to do.....foolish girl that I am

  • You can always take the fab holiday in NY as your prize for completing!

  • Now there's a thought.....

  • Well done. Read "Running Like a Girl". It's entertaining and inspiring.

  • thank you - I wil look that up right now!!

  • Wow! Congratulations and good luck! :-) I worked on the London marathon in April 1995,near the finishing line, having always thought it was something I would love to do...then saw the horrors of collapsing people; blood, vomit and number 2's and was thoroughly put off (but still full of admiration for those that do it!) Now here I am nearly 20 years later and have been talked into a HM in June in preparation for a marathon in October 2014!!!!

    Don't my workmates know I am an almost 50 year old, overweight (but getting thinner & healthier) Nanny; it must be all my talk of 5km's, Parkruns; training for 5 miles, 10km's that make them think I am a capable of completing it! I hope I can live up to their expectations! ;-)

  • Great reply - I am 50 next year and this is my birthday present to myself - strange girl that I am. I have done a couple of half marathons a few years ago - and yes the sight of people collsped on the roadside v scary. but i am convinced with good hydration and nutrion it will be doable. Not to mention all that training.....

    Best of luck with your own plans - keep us posted :-)

  • I think there's plenty of training plans out there now so hopefully we will be successful and not be a roadside casualty! & with the support & experience of everyone on here how can we fail!!!! ;-)

  • Congratulations and a great opportunity. I hope you enjoy it, training too :)

  • Thank you preversely i am enjoying the pre-marathon training. And yesterday my run felt extra zippy as I was planning routes for all those long training runs.

    good luck with your own running plans

  • That's fab news, looking forward to reading your updates on this, may the force be with you!

  • thank you - I like the idea of the force being with me - I am going to use that in my postive mental imagery.

  • OMG fantastic news, the prep is very exciting isn't it. You'll be fantastic and I'll look forward to updates as you journey through your training plan :D

  • Thank you for the support - feel a bit calmer today. Have put dates in my diary when to start proper training - this starts mid december. Yikes--trying to work out how I can fit four runs in a week - may have to join a gym for shorter runs. Happy running - look fwd to your posts too on your training plans :-)

  • Just out of curiosity and probably a daft question, is the selection process totally random, or do you have to make a case for a place and are then chosen on merit? X

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