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Help - to do week 6 or not?

Hi everyone! After doing the first 5 weeks of C25k (and enjoying most of it!) I am already to start week 6...I think. My quandry is that over the weekend, my husband (who is also starting to get into running) persuaded me to do a couple of runs for fun, and I managed to do just over 5k both times. The times were not quick (just under 40 mins) and I did not look in the least bit pretty at the end, but I managed the distance! So my question is now whether I go back to the week 6 podcast or maybe move on a little? My other half is saying that he thinks I can just carry on running 5k but I've been really chuffed with how I've stuck to C25k and how it has built up my running - I'm concerned about leaving Laura! Anybody had a similar experience?

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First of all, it's impressive that you could already run for the whole distance! But to be honest, I would stick to the program. Your body is getting used to the new challenges only very slowly and although you've already proven that you can run for 5k, it might still be a bit too much for your muscles and joints if you do so on a regular basis. In the worst case, you might risk an injury by simply overdoing it.

If you really feel that the podcasts are too easy for you, you could do them a little faster or skip them but be careful to give your body enough time to adjust to the longer runs. In my case it was not until week 7 until I realized how necessary the rest days are for my body and its recovery.

Good luck with your running :)

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I agree - V sensible advice. I have followed the programme, upped my distance and times within sensible ranges and not been injured . II have read Lots of advice and it seems if we push our bodies to quickly we pick up injuries.

Besides C25K got you runnig - so you would want to complete and claim your badge ;-)


I agree with the very good advice above. As far as I have heard even trained runners up their practice at 10% to allow for their bodies to build the muscles without damage. 20 min to 30 min is a bigger increase than that.

But on a side note well done you, it must of felt fantastic to do that and now you know your just going to go from strength to strength.


Thank you everyone - brilliant advice as always! I did run 1 of week 6 today and felt so much better for sticking with the podcasts! It's nice to know I have done 5k (slowly!) but really feel like I couldn't keep that up at the moment so will build up over the next few weeks. Thanks again :)

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