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Oops! 2 months off, well almost three actually!

Well, I finished c25k back in June and loved it. The last two weeks of the plan I ran 5k on all three runs but then disaster struck.... First, I got ill, then my two little girls got ill and then I went to Spain for 6 weeks. While in Spain I did two 5k runs, it had been a month since I'd finished but I confidently run the 5k and enjoyed it . However, due to circumstances (namely sharing a bedroom with my two little girls) it wasn't really possible to get out in the mornings.

Fast forward to two months after that and I have finally got back into the saddle. After a disastrous first run where I walked most of the way I decided to go back to week 6 and interval train again.

This morning I managed a 23 minute run! Woohoo! (I naughtily ignored Laura telling me to walk 3 minutes between my 10 min runs) it has felt so good getting back out there, I have missed my morning runs so much. I have been reading other posts and it's lovely to see how every one is doing but now I feel happy enough to write my own.

Here's to running 25 mins on Friday!

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Well done. It's good to know set backs don't stop us altogether & are just set backs. It must have been daunting to get back out there that 1st time back.


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