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Week 7 completed! Best run yet!

Despite the rain and the wind that was my best run, not just for distance but because I felt like I really could have kept going (and go faster!). Felt great to finish, soooo pleased with myself! It definitely helped that I kept to flat road all the way. I can do hills, but I needed this nice flat run to boost my confidence ready for week 8 - and it worked!

Happy running everyone! :)

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It sounds like you are sailing through, edqa. The flat certainly helps when you are pushing for endurance and it is great that you have finished the week on a high. Not far to run for that badge now.

Congrats and good luck.


Well done - that is brilliant. Run 3 on weds then onto week 8. Like the idea of going flat not hilly! I need to run in the evening which is not my best time but I shall enjoy it. I wonder if I will want to keep going...?

We are really doing this 'running' thing!


Did my final week 7 run this morning. I'm still having to grit my teeth to get through the 25 minutes! I kept going for about an extra 15s at the end - was as much as my legs could muster.

Think I'll head out in the evening before work for my next run, hopefully I'll be fresher and will manage those 28 minutes that seem impossible right now.


I tend to end my longer runs of a downhill for a helpful sprinty finish :P

Go you!


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