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Dreadful morning! Broke posh new phone - it did not bounce on the concrete! oh Bu***r!

My goodness what a session! BH was keen to get me out and dressed in such a fashion that I would not lose the GPS satellites. Managed, between us, to drop the pesky thing on the floor and totally SMASH the screen. It's only 2 weeks old!!

So, set off because it was still working. American drawling voice telling me 'Satellite laaarst', then 30 seconds later 'Satellite rest-o-o-orRing all the way down the road. I did manage 2.64km in about an hour. Oh great!!!

BH took it back to Car P W H and was told it had to be ME to lodge an insurance claim and they couldn't possibly get one before Wednesday. It came out in the conversation that we will be away at 5.00a.m. on Wednesday so suddenly 'Computer say YES' - Yippee! We had expected to pay £10 excess but 'Computer say 'No'. No money to pay. They told us to get out before it changed its mind!

Last night my son had put all kinds of tracks on and I am currently making choices. Lots of Monty Python clips, and Queen, and - ooh all sorts! Fortunately they are still on the memory card. I'm running out the battery and giggling away at the Monty Python tracks.

I think the Money Song would be good for fast running, I'm a Lumberjack for my long plod home, Accountancy Shanty for steady running and Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, The Meaning of Life etc!! If I can manage to run while giggling! Must be worth a try!

Giggling is VERY VERY GOOD! :-)

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Ooohhh Beek your wonderful, really enjoyed reading that, sorry about your lovely new phone though. Its quite traumatic when our mobiles get lost or broken. I invested in a new one in March of this year and had it stolen in early May!! Had my old phone for 6 years or more and couldn't even break it so I could have a new one sooner. Life's quite unkind sometimes. :(


Oh no...I managed to drop my lovely iphone in the loo on week one run two...and a few troubles feeling your pain....


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