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Has anyone started c25k after previously suffering shin splints?

About to start c25k but last year I developed really bad shin splints which landed me in physio for several months and as a knock on the arches in my feet collapsed (and I piled on 2 stone because I went from fairly active to sat on my backside for months!).

I've just bought new trainers which are specifically for running on pavements and over pronation as well as a roller for calf massage to stop them tightening up again, but I'm still worried I'll do myself damage.

Has anybody else picked up c25k after shin splints? Any tips?

I'm not sure where the line is between pushing myself to progress and pushing myself back into an injury!

Even week 1 60 seconds of running makes me cringe right now :-S

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I got shin splints on this programme, no where near as bad as yours sounded. I have found however doing shin strengthening exercises help. Here's one to try, sit on a chair, knees at 90° and ankles at 90° then raise your feet up to your shins , whilst keeping your heels firmly planted on the floor, keep raising your feet up as high as you can and then down, until your shins start to ache, then continue for 10 more seconds(feel the burn), repeat this several times a day. Hope it helps.


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