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Swollen, Non Painful Ankle??

Hey everyone, just wondered if anyone knew about what to do about a swollen ankle that doesn't hurt?

After googling it seems to be fluid retention. In the morning my ankle looks ok, but by the end of the day it's swollen that the little bone on the outside can't really be seen. If I poke the swollen area, it leaves a dip that stays down for a while (that was one of the symptoms they listed).

It doesn't hurt and I've done 2 runs since I noticed it and doesn't seem to have changed anything. Anyone got any experience? I read a passing comment somewhere that it's common with running but can't find much else.

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Can't help but would be interested in hearing other people's experience. I've been going out with a friend who has just started C25k. She's quite overweight and unfit but was once a good athlete. We got as far as week 3 but have now stopped as her ankles have swollen so badly.


Oh that doesn't sound good about your friend. Have they gotten any better yet? I just had a 4 day mini holiday, no runs, and although not back to normal I barely notice the swelling right now. I have done 1 run and seems ok. Very weird problem though, I think since it doesn't hurt I'm going to carry on keeping an eye on everything but still keep running.


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