Couch to 5K

Running update or music appreciation post ???

So I'm on my second week of post grad runs and this morning's was a good one -sunny,with just the right amount of early autumn chill in the air.I'm still running to the W9 podcast and yes Ian, it seems that I can't get enough of "J" after all :)

Due to the addition of the" bonus track" my husband added (something which when I mentioned it on my grad post seemed to have earned him a bit of a fan club ...LOL ! ) I've been able to increase from 30 to 35 minutes of running with no effort at all as I just LOVE running to that Lissy track :) It gets me through that last five minutes or so and I'm able to up my pace at the end of the 30 minutes just knowing that its coming up next .

She sounds a bit like Stevie Nicks ,in her heyday, though I have to admit there is a brief moment when I just have to tune her out when she gets dangerously close to sounding more like Bonnie T* so I have to quickly replace that image with Stevie stomping round on stage wearing her fabulous skirts and boots!

So this morning I'm even hollering along to it , scaring the **** out of 'stepdog' and the cows, but hell ...I was having a good time ( though maybe as I had the breath in me to holler I should think about increasing the distance or pace next week !)

Oh and I have a gadget ! Now , I'm not good with gadgets or techno stuff, but I now have an Omron Step Counter ,ordered for me by D( he of the fan club fame ) and I took it out with me this morning ,anxious to know just how far I was covering when I run my regular track. I did read the booklet ( ok, a bit of it) yesterday and thought I had it sussed,but at the end of my run it told me I had done 3.8k ....whaaaat ? :( or 4.8 k ...hurrah,that's more like it !!!

Am thinking the latter is correct as it ties in with when D mapped it approx with the satnav thingy, but he said he's going to look at the instructions and have a play with it and then write me an 'idiot guide' ( like I have to have for techy TV and DVD players) so that the numpty...yeah, that's me... gets it right next time :)

Right I'm going to press send...or publish or whatever it is on here now as I got right to this point about half an hour ago and lost the whole damn post did that happen ?

Happy running all x

* apologies...ish to any Tylerites out there .


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