Couch to 5K

Easing back

Hello cohorts!

Not been lurking about the boards too much since calf injury because quite honestly I didn't want to read about people enjoying running when I was crocked, but, have missed running and the site so much and of course have missed you good people that make this whole thing work.

UPDATE ALERT: Well it's been longer than I expected to be out, but I will be hopefully starting back running tomorrow. I still have a little tightness in culprit calf from time to time, but have been walking with no major probs and that' whilst wearing a baby carrying pack with a 9kg little chap in there. So will listen to my body and start nice and slowly, build up again.

Onwards and upwards :)

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Welcome back. I think you have probably been out for longer than I have been around but anyway, good to hear all is well again.


Many thanks Narmour. I've been out about 2-3 weeks, feels alot longer. Anyway a very belated welcome :)


I was out a month with my calf injury and I really missed running. Welcome back!


Thank you Vonny, looking forward to getting back, little bit of trepidation, but hopefully if I take things easy it'll be fine.


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