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Couch to 5K
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Four stumbling blocks overcome!

* Running after work

* Two steep subways to get up

* Running into the wind

* Wearing an extra layer

I'm pleased to say that despite these obstacles, I managed to run my 5k in 38 mins which is a good time for me. However what I really want to say that tonight I really felt a part of something for the first time. I passed a number of runners going in the opposite direction at various points on my route and they all acknowledge me either with a smile, nod of the head, thumbs up or a "hi". What a fantastic feeling that was, I felt they all respected me and that I was part of their community even though I've never met any of them before. I'm on cloud 9 now!

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I found I was ignoring people, not because of lack of respect, but I'm completely lost in my own little world ;-)


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