Couch to 5K

5km recovery run in hotel gym - 30 mins

Hi all!

I'm in Sweden for work this week. Been very busy but I won't bore you with what makes an accountant busy.

I ran on a treadmill for only the second time this year, I much prefer running outside and only use the treadmills when I have no other option. Last time I was in Gothenburg I ran in a forest but the days are shorter now and I can't get out of work and to the forest before sundown.

I tracked the run in my garmin but I can't upload it until im back home so no link today.

Also when I arrived yesterday three different people commented on my weight loss! I shouldn't let it get to my head but its nice to hear. However I have visited Sweden about 6 times this year so you would have thought they would have noticed by now. Maybe it's like critical mass and I've hit a point where they all notice now!

OK I need dinner now, I'm hoping to convince the waiters at the hotel restaurant to put the England game on the massive TV they have.

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Any run is better than no run - well done. It is funny you say about weight loss and people noticing - I have been in meetings for months with this chap - and it was only yesterday I noticed how much he had lost - 2 and half stone - and of course paid him due compliments. Maybe we are not as observant as we like to think we are :-)

Hope you get your footy match.


Thanks! I couldn't watch the fotball in the end, it wasnt showing on Swedish TV, but I didn't miss anything; a bore 0-0.


At least your keeping up the exercise. Must admit I find it difficult to run on a treadmill, but outside is just so much easier.


I'm flying home tomorrow but should be running 8km per the HM programme. Lets see if I have the motivation to hit the gym at 6am and get the run done before work!


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