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Thanks for the kind words everyone - 20 mins ticked off!

Hi - just checking in to say that my comeback has now entered its second week! After running week 5 run1 last Tuesday I followed it with the rest of week 5. The dreaded 20 mins wasn't even desperately bad - I wasn't wanting to do any extra but on the other hand I was reasonably confident of getting there after the first minute or so.

I mentioned last week that the big difference between my previous C25K and now is that I moved to a house from which all directions are downhill. Well - I think I've now found all the uphill directions as well. I should have known that exploring a street called "Hillside Road" could be a mistake! I know that logically if I start and finish from my front door I should do the same amount of downs as ups - but it certainly doesn't feel that way! I'm sure this must be doing me some good though. Roll on week 6, hopefully around 8am tomorrow!

Hope all old and new friends are doing well.


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Hello Ann, how lovely to see you ! I'm plodding on relentless 3 x a week and reached a peak of almost 8k last month while yesterday I gave up knackered at 20 minutes -- no rhyme or reason (laura!) xox delia


Nice to hear you're well and truly back out there. We are all here to spur you on :-)


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