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Well I never thought I could but have managed week 5run2.have got to say I feel well and truly knackered but a real sense of achievement

Not looking forward to day3 as it will be the first long run and really unsure if I can do it.I am inspired by my son who has done 2iron men and is running a marathon in Nov.I never thought he would be able to do those things,but I believe anything is possible.

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W5R3 is a huge psychological hill to overcome, but your body is ready for it. An easy pace and no fear is essential and I am sure that you will surprise yourself and be grinning from here to eternity in a couple of days.

Good luck, keep us posted.


Thankyou so much for youre support.Im sure a lot of it is in the head.I will def update.


I really enjoyed week 5 run 3, as a longer run seemed to help me to find my stride. Now in week 6, going back to having walking rests, I'm a bit impatient to get stuck into the longer runs again! It's really the culmination of all your hard work so far, so you can definitely do it - just think of it as two ten minute runs stuck together! Keep us posted :)


I did run 3 this morning, I'm sure I shared the same emotions as most on this forum and was anxious, but a steady pace and the encouraging stories from those who've already done it gave me the confidence to keep pushing through to the end. Believe in yourself, you can do it! Good luck!


week 5 run 3 is a big psychological challenge, just don't go too fast, slow and steady is best. The feeling of achievement at the end of it is absolutely fantastic, and brought a tear to my eyes xx

Good luck x


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