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I'm having problems with my left ankle, help?!

About 3 months ago I started the C25k, never believing it would actually get me running, but lo and behold week 4 comes along and I was actually starting to enjoy it, despite only being able to run on a treadmill (I work at sea). But then my left ankle went caput. It was fine while I was running, I never went over on it or anything but when I got out the shower it was painful and starting to swell. I immediately stopped running and tried to rest it, when I got back home I found that driving made it a lot worse and after 3 weeks it wasn't getting better and my Dr sent me for an x-ray. That was fine and I was given some stretches to do. After not running since then (end of April) I have started again and just did my first run of week 3, some days my ankle is painful and slightly swollen so I rest it for an extra day, but haven recently discovered that running faster seems to help? I think I must be lighter on my feet then, does this make any sense? I'm also getting pains in my shins, it feels like someones pressing a bruise on them, I can feel it when I run and also if I press them afterwards. Should I be concerned? I don't want to have to stop running again! (I should have mentioned I now always wear an ankle support when running, and keep a lighter one on afterwards if my ankle is painful).

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Could be any number of things. Boots do an elasticated strap that I used to use when I started.

Gait analysis might be a good idea. Then look on the internet for techniques, do you heal strike? Overstride? I think you should probably talk to someone in the know...


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