Couch to 5K

Pain in lower back when running

I am sure this will have been discussed at some point but I can't seem to find a search option on here so I'm asking the question again.

I am nearly through my week 1 (finishes tomorrow) and for the last 2 runs I have had really bad pain/ache in my lower back on my left hand side. It was at the point yesterday that I stopped to bend and try and relieve the pain.

It seems to be worse in the walking stages than the running.

Anyone had the same problem and have a solution?

Thank You


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I have just come across this guide to running technique and I am wondering if I rock my hips (have no option but to stick bum out as it sticks out itself)

Am going to check my running position, I certainly know that I have been looking down a lot so that is something else to change.

It's all about learning I suppose.



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