Couch to 5K

No Jog Scotland, I did my own thing and enjoyed myself!

No Jog Scotland for me tonight, I just decided to do my own thing and had a nice late afternoon run. Weather was warm and sunny but had shaded side of the roads to chose from. Traffic was very heavy so crossing roads was a slow process sometimes but hey-hoo that's Aberdeen which is just like any other city these days.

5K run in 33:29 which will do for me, mainly tar surface by choice, it was not doing grass loops by the dozen which was brilliant ;)

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Sounds like a lovely run OG! Well done :-)

I hate having to stop for traffic but I've had some lovely motorists recently who have stopped to let me cross! But I suppose it isn't as busy here as in Aberdeen!


Aberdeen is worse just now as we have Offshore Europe on, the traffic is horrendous.


Glad to hear it went well. Had a bad traffic day last week then concentrated so hard on the pavement I went straight up someone's driveway - and out again pretty smartly.


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