Couch to 5K

Excuse the bad language but what a bad bloody run!

Just did week 6 run 1. Having an emotional time at the moment and kind of stressful so decided it was just as important as any other run... If only I knew the area the route and there were less hills

I'm staying at my mums this weekend who lives in quite a hilly place in London, I was again determined to remain active while here. Except my usual route at home include no hills and grass!

Today's run ended up quite broken at first to make sure I got the route right and didn't get lost, I did so started the podcast again and attempted a different route and got a hill in the 8 min run section, I couldn't keep my rhythm up and keep steady breath so gave up in the end... What a rubbish bloody run!

May have to do today's run again on Tuesday or do I start again tomorrow and not push the 'run week' too far back!

How do we think I get round today's issues?!

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well done for getting out there, and you did a run...thats all progress....I always find new routes hard. Well done and good luck on the programme.


Hi there BITW. Sorry to hear about your troubles. If it were me, I would put that run down to experience and just repeat it in a calm and measured manner. You'll crack it I am SURE! Then just move on as per, would be my most humble advice.

Good luck with it all.


Well done for getting out there. Put it down to an experience and start again next week I would think. It's not a race and its better to say ohh well than stress about it. Your next good run it will be forgotten about. Good luck.


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