Couch to 5K

So relieved!

Just done W2 R2 today and managed it well. I am so relieved because Monday was an absolute disaster with so much pain. I had a chat with a friend of my mum's who runs marathons and took her advice. So with the right shoes and on the pavement instead of cross country, I managed run two today without too much of a hitch.

I had physio for sciatica and short calve muscles eight years ago and actually forgot all about these problems but they have reared their ugly heads this week. I am doing the stretches to try and combat them and they seem to be working. Anyway, we're still doing it and loving it! Xx

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Glad W2 is going well & that the stretches are working for you.

Keep running!


Well done you! Keep it up, but be careful and don't over-do it. I've found post-run stretches to be essential, they make such a difference.


Great to hear that it is working for you now. Enjoy your running.


Stretches are sooooooo important. I used to think "Nah, they're not werf it" (say that in a cockney accent) but alas, my legs seized up like old rusty bolts on a spent engine.

But well done on starting this prog. I started in April and am a changed man!


Well done, I need to look at the stretches as I've been struggling in week 2 with knee and shin pain!


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