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Bowen Therapy helped relieve migraine

I read in a blog a while ago about someone who suffers from migraines and always meant to post this update in the hope that it may help others.

My son has suffered from migraines since he was 10, he will be 40 this year, it was an aftermath of gladular fever. He tried Bowen Therapy which had been suggested to him by the practice nurse.

Four sessions later over a period of about 6 months and he has not had one migraine, gets the occasional head ache but who doesn't.

So if your life is being made a misery from this terrible pain, check out your local health practices and see if they have a Bowen Therapist, it may help you as its helped my son. The other thing she told him was that he grinds his teeth in his sleep (his wife's been telling him that for years) this is also a cause for bringing on migraines. A tooth guard can also help with this problem and your dentist should be able to assist with that. He hasn't needed to get one as the Bowan has reduced the teeth grinding also.

Hope this update is of some interest to you sufferers.

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Thanks oldgirl, that's really interesting. As a long term sufferer of cluster headaches I will look into this - I already have a mouth guard but had not heard of Bowen therapy before.


Your welcome notbad. I hadn't heard of it either until my son phoned to tell me about it. Its very gentle hands on, you don't even need to take your clothes off I'm told. Will depend on where you live as to the cost but if it helps it will be worth the money spent.


I had never heard of it either but a lovely lady on here (Sara) recommended it to me for back pain. Sara said to go for the ISTB branch rather than Bow Tech as Bowtech trains their therapists to have pauses between moves and some therapists started having more than one client in an hour and moved from room to room. It's gentle and non-invasive and seems really good. It's not overly expensive either.

I found a therapist in London but it was difficult to get to her during work hours so never got to go but I would certainly consider it if my back plays up again. I'm glad it worked for your son Liz; that's brilliant for him after so many years of suffering.



Yes thats rights Sue the Bowen Therapy targets different parts of the head, neck etc then you have a relax period before they move onto another area to be treated. Son's treatment was done in a small private clinic, just one patient at a time. Don't know what the cost was but it won't have been too expensive or he would have said. He's just so pleased to have been pain free for such a long time. Long may it continue.


I'm certainly going to look into this after having a migraine for the past two days you've caught my attention! There's a couple of places here that do this therapy and it doesn't seem expensive.

I tried new medication yesterday and it had in the bathroom ready to throw up, so time to give something else a try...

Thanks for posting this :)


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