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Being away from home and the circle of life - food, alcohol & exercise

Whilst sitting in the garden, something bit me on my foot which then swelled up a lot and lasted for a week, so no running again last week.

This week and for the next few months I will be living in a hotel in Cowley Monday to Friday until the house is sold and we can move. I hate being away from my family but at least I can run when I want. So it is early morning runs each day.

Today I aggravated my old knee injury and pulled the muscle at the back of the knee as well. So tomorrow I am going to go for a swim if it is not any better.

Thing is I get a meal allowance which includes alcohol and eating in a restaurant (well, a beefeater). So I am having a beer every night. Which means I need to run and swim to burn off the calories. I love the circle of life.

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Poor you thats hard....I stay over about 2 nights a week for my job so I don't have all the driving. I hope your back and foot trouble get better, and enjoy the nice meals and swimming..


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