Couch to 5K

Plateaus, pace and cake avoidance!

This week is proving a weird sort of challenge. Mum is staying so for the first time someone we know is witness to us going off (and to the beet roots who return). Still, we are not letting her being here be an excuse to not run, which is progress!

I am still struggling with pace. A couple of weeks ago I reached 5k in 40 mins and there I've stayed. I try and tell myself its good to learn a steady pace, but in reality my lungs will not let me go faster.

I also got a horrible stitch this weekend, which did not help! :-( possibly cos eating / running at slightly different times.

And eating takes me onto point 3. We got into this to be more healthy. We are not on a diet but are trying to have a sustainable healthier lifestyle. So we cut out salt (hubbies high bp) and try to not overindulge, but occasional treats are fine. But as I said, mums here. We tend not to do puddings but on Friday I took mum for afternoon tea. It was great, and allowable for a one off . But now she wants to go today. And she bought a massive chic cake and profiteroles. I've spent the last 3 days trying to sneak LESS cake on my plate than she's getting, and I'm dreading today. Am thinking will have to say I just want a sandwhich but that may make her say "oh I can't have the tea either then!" (She likes to be a martyr. But I really don't want more cake. I feel bloated and idigestiony. (I have a hernia which flares up if food is too rich).

Anyway, this is me now, a runner (slow) who has an upper cake threshold. Who'd have thought it!?

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An upper cake threshold! I love it :) I am still trying to find mine :-( Hubby baked a delicious lemon drizzle cake yesterday and I amazed us all (myself included) by only having one piece (!). Is this a one-off? I hope not.

I don't know how it has been for you Plinth, but since I've started running it has been a bit easier to say no to the richer foods, mainly because I don't like to feel heavy or bloated when I run. For reasons I can't explain, wine has also become distinctly less appealing.


Ditto to both cake and wine and I didn't ever think I would say that. I also find that if I run first thing in a morning I'm eating less that day and almost crave healthy foods. I think the brain says to us "Why put in so much effort running and then spoil it all by eating cake"

Plinth be honest with your mum, if she's a sensible person she will understand and want you to be healthier. Let her have some cake but you could have some fruit instead.


Thanks guys! Compromised- ate the sandwich part of the tea and had the cake part as takeout, to nibble at my leisure! (Still working on the will power thing!)


I am amazed at the calories mapmyrun says I burn up on a run - would cover a few pieces of cake. It can be very hard to say NO to mums.


Well done Plinth for finding a great compromise! The first time I 'came out' to my mum as a runner (I'm 46 BTW!) she was horrified that I would think of going out doors 'Looking like that'. I felt like I was 15 again and trying to sneak out in what she thought of as unsuitable clothes. I had to fight the temptation to go all sulky and say 'I'm going anyway and you can't stop me' (because I am after all 46 and not 15 anymore thank goodness!). She still thinks this running lark is bonkers but can see that I enjoy it and that it has been good for my health, fitness and weight so I suppose she's learned to put up with it. I think families can be quite resistant to changes in their loved ones even if they are changes for the better. I guess they love us as we are, even if that is fatter and more unfit than might be ideal! :-)


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