Couch to 5K

(Almost) just like old times

On the 'just do it' principle, I started C25K wearing normal clothes and in walking boots. Today was supposed to be a run day. I usually put on my running stuff first thing but today I couldn't face being hot and then ending up not running after all (which I knew was a possibility today) so it was only the sport bra and then normal clothes. The dog needed her walk and I thought "Shall I change?" and then realised I'd probably just give up on everything by the time I'd changed and the dog would lose out. So just set out for a walk instead... and then on the riverside path I thought "No, I want to run now, not tomorrow morning" My active sandals are very comfortable. So off I went and it was great, polished off my 30 minutes so easily it was like it wasn't really happening. So there you have it - sandals, jeans, knit top. The funny thing is the dog gave me exactly the same "Have you gone completely mental?" look she gave me when we started C25K!

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Just brilliant :)


Dog thought she was only getting a walk cos you didn't have your running shoes on, the look said "You forgot your runners, we should be walking for goodness sake"!!!!!! ;) I did something similar when out with hubby one day as we came to one of the Ups in my favorite hills route, I took off shouting to him I'll catch you up. 5 minutes later I came around the corner and caught up with him again, he said "where were you" I just did my Ups and Downs circle, you can't have already was his reply but I had. Just like you, because I could :)


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