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Clucking Bell

Not sure if this counts as an achievement or not but it felt like it at the time.

Ran the C25k+ Stepping Stones podcast this evening

Completed just over 4 miles in under 30 minutes.

Dripping with sweat but on a high.

Hence the title ;-)

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Are you kidding? 4 miles in 30 miles is epic!

I've done the Stepping Stones podcast twice this week - first time was a smidge under 5k, second was a smidge over. It would take me another 7 or 8 minutes to hit the 4 mile mark.

Fantastic effort!


Thanks :-)

I read somewhere that 6 to 7 minutes per mile was average for runners so had been trying to improve.

Beginning to think they might have been joking but it spurred me on to get quicker


Definitely not average! 6 minute miles mean a 10k in about 37 minutes...I challenge you to find anyone on here that can manage that!

9 minute miles are average, I think, so you're doing great!


F*** that's amazing... I can only ever dream of those times.... Well done you should feel incredible. ...


Thanks :-)


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