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Heart rate watch

Does anyone use a heart rate watch while running ? I'm about to start taking Propranolol for migraines and its side effect is a lower heart rate which will make running in my target zone difficult. I thought monitoring it would help. Any thoughts?

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I have a Polar FS4. Very good watch, very easy to set up and use on a regular basis. I would recommend it to anyone. Got mine off Amazon for around 50 pounds with free delivery.

My watch is basic though: it only measures heart rate and calories and keeps track of the last 10 workouts I've done (also acts as a normal watch). If I bought an additional gadget I could get it to link up to the Polar website to upload all my stats and monitor my progress over time, but for where I am right now in my running career (at the very beginning!) it does all I want it to.


I use a heart rate monitor and I take beta blockers. However I have read somewhere that if you are on beta blockers it is better to use Perceived Rate of Exertion. Or Rate of Perceived Exertion? There is a bit about it on this link.



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