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Week 9 (almost)

Hi all,

I've been running with the Podcasts and using MapMyRun to get an idea of how far i'm actually going. I'm finding my week 8 runs have been around 4.45k (including the walks thou) so I definately need to improve on my speed, however - I did W8R2 this morning and carried on running after Laura told me time was up until MapMyRun told me I'd done 4k, this was around 3 minutes extra so I think I'm geared up to just go ahead and do W9 on my next run. I found that this week and last week (W7), I was always able to carry on as I always thought to myself (it's only an extra few minutes... why not?!) Anyone else have a similar experience or feel that they are on track to getting 30 minutes of running but no where near 5k?

Hope to hear from you soon,


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Hi Hannah, I would stick to the podcasts and not jump from one to other, even if I feel that I can do it. I did all the podcasts as Laura said and sometimes I have not been all that fast, sometimes I had to stop half way as the run had been so rubbish. When I graduated in April, I ran the 5K under 35 minutes but not in 30 minutes. I started to run 5K only at last stages (including the walks). Believe in the program, it works. My PB so far has been 31 minutes 2 seconds to do a 5K, not under 30 minutes even if I wanted to do it so badly. I now run 5K a day, thrice a week, and done 10K once. I think the speed will come naturally, don't be disheartened, you can do it and you will! Good luck to you for your runs!


Hi Hannah

Wow, it sounds like you are doing really well. I did my w8r2 today and I'm still finding it tough. I'm begging for Laura to tell me it's only 1 more minute, no chance of any extra from me lol. But the weird thing is that I am able to move on each week so although I thought 25 mins would be my limit, this week I have done the 28 mins, I might be virtually dying oh, and the aching legs came back after w7r1 so I've made sure that I give them a really good stretch afterwards, no skimping on that.

As far as distance is concerned I have just been looking on map my run to see how far the 'run' part is, and it tells me 3.85km, which means I'm going at about 7.3 mins per km. I'm resigned to not making it to 5k by the end of the programme. But the way I look at it is that however slowly I'm going I am actually doing it, and I've really noticed an improvement in my overall fitness since starting the programme.

So well done, and good luck with the final week. Not that it sounds like you need it!



Thanks for your responses.

Liz - I always think "I'm going faster than anyone sitting on their couch!", which is always a positive. Good luck with your runs, keep at it!! We'll get there!!


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