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Moving on from every other day runs - running every day a good option?

Up until now, after starting my c25K journey in September last year, I have been running every other day, or at least 3 times a week. I am now significantly much fitter than before and tend to do one evening sprint (as fast as I can for as long as I can, usually about 5k), another a medium run about 50mins to an hour and then a longer run (last one was 14kms in 1hr40).

Should I be looking to run every day or looking to mix it up with some gym classes? I am concerned running every day can't be good on the knees and ankles? Ideas?

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Hi Hannie i mix up my exercise, i've been running 3 years in August but don't find it beneficial to run more than 2 days in a row. I do about 10 exercise classes a week (zumba, pilates, body pump, body sculpt, low impact aerobics) I cycle in the gym too. I also walk with hubby not a speedy outing though. When I can I slot in a swim too but my gym does not have a good pool yet, next year the new one opens, cant wait. I think mixing up your exercise would give you a whole body workout also give your leg muscles a chance to recover especially from the longer runs. Are you training for a 1/2M it sounds to me that you could soon reach that goal, well done on your achievements so far, you have done really well.


I would agree with OldGirl in that you do need time to recover in between runs and running every day will eventually lead to injury. Although it's mighty impressive that you are sprinting too - I would so love to be able to sprint.

The whole sports science techie stuff is that when you run, you cause micro tears to appear in your muscle tissues and it's only by having a rest day that these tears can heal - when they heal they become stronger (which causes the muscle to grow in strength and takes longer for the tears to start appearing in future). So if you take away the rest day you take away the chance your body needs to recover.

But what you can start doing is something much lower impact - think of swimming as being the least impact exercise as you are supported in the water. then if you get to a gym try cycling or rowing, or anything which doesn't involve your feet pounding into a road/treadmill on your rest days - definitely watch the ankle/knee issues


As usual Oldgirl and Matthew have offered very sensible advice which I second. Do something else on the "other" days. During 5x50 challenge I alternated running with other sports and it was great. Good luck :-9


The other question is *where* are you running?


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