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Really running but o my knee

I decided that I'd try to run as opposed to jogging now Ive graduated. I started on week 2 intending to go through the program as before. (Actually meant to start on week 1 but forgot it was on my dead mp3 player so had to do Wk2 as it was on my phone). I managed all six runs and notpheidippides said I was properly running. Up till then I had only managed a flat footed trog:-) I was panting hard and my legs felt heavy but I ran to the end of the 6th run. My problem is that as soon as I stopped running after the 4th and following runs my knee hurt. It's still hurting now when I walk...not agonisingly but painful. That was Friday and tomorrow is my next running day. Should I try running or rest it? We're going for a gentle walk later today. Hopefully it may ease.....?

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Thanks. I think I'll try soome of the gentle knee bends on strength and flex


I echo Mitte: the knee is a delicate joint, don't risk damaging it longer term.

Consider seeing a podiatrist too - exercises/orthoses might well help protect the area longer term whilst allowing you to stay active.


Have you got decent shoes? I had knee trouble and getting assessed for decent shoes has made all the difference.. Perhaps try the speed podcast when you're ready ??


yes, lovely ones that have got me through the grad program. Bought after gait analysis.


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