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7k! (Bridge to 10k, end of week 2)

I ran 7k - go me.

Had to repeat week 2 of the Bridge to 10k as I rested for the best part of a week.

I wouldn't say that running in posh trainers is easier than my old ones and I'm still getting twinges of heel pain (orthotics in work shoes now, to support feet in between runs) BUT I did push myself a little this week.

I thought I'd try running 4 times a week so ran Monday and Tuesday - error. Wednesday I was as stiff as a board and yesterday still achey, so didn't do a Thursday run. Back to feeling chipper this morning though so off I went.

It was HOT - even at 5.45am it was hot. I found the last 15 minute segment quite tough and wasn't sure I'd make it, but I did the full programme and was chuffed when I got back to find I'd run the farthest yet.

Upping the game next week to 3x 17minutes. Yoinks.

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That's great, well done! I'm doing B210K but not making much progress at the mo - it's hard to find the extra time to be out longer for. Think I need to follow your example and get out early! Yikes (can you tell I'm not a morning person!!)

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wow well done you, and I really hope the heel pain improves....


HI Juicy - I think I've cracked the heel pain thing - yay!!

Good trainers for running (saucony phoenix) and then I wear my old trainers with orthoses in for work to support the mid-foot and cushion the heel.

Oh, and I've REALLY upped the calf stretches.

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I'm so pleased well done you, calf stretches are great, and leg lifters too. Get someone to massage your calves too!!


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