Couch to 5K

"Fun" run at work

Well I thought it would be ok when I signed up last month as I would be a 2 week graduate but I didn't bank on two things- 1. The heat at lunchtime 2. The pace!!

There were 3 categories: 4 laps of the park for the runners (5km) 3 laps for walkers/runners and 2 for walkers. So I thought I would do the full 5km (well being a graduate now!) but the 1st person was back in 19 min and I was last at 31mins.

I should feel good about that as it is the fastest I have ever run but I didn't enjoy it at all as I am not used to doing laps and the heat and of course coming last..... I don't feel like a proper runner anymore....maybe I should just enjoy competing against myself!

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Wow! 31 minutes is a really good time, you should definitely NOT be beating yourself up about that. Who cares if you came last? You ran a great time and the nice thing about running is that you run against yourself, so if you can ever bear to enter it again - you can try and get a new PB... I'm running 5k (hilly) in about 34 minutes at the moment after graduating in May. I ran a 5k race in June and was soundly beaten by various small children but I can only get faster! :)


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