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Are you an Asthmatic runner? Post your tips here to help others please

I have read so many blogs people have posted saying they are asthmatic so perhaps those who also suffer could post some tips so we can help each other:-

1. Doctor's instructions for me is take two puffs of my Ventolin before I go for a run, also to carry it with me. Common sense perhaps but its not a bad thing to be reminded to carry it.

2. Winter time when the air is very cold (Australians/NZs take note just now) I wear a Buff around my mouth and nose to keep the cold air out until I have got used to it, this really does help.

Hope other asthmatics and runners add to this, we are after all a caring sharing bunch of happy runners :)

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i have exercise induced asthma, i take my ventolin before exercise and it helps, though pollen and heat do make its worse


Yeh GingerJue these warmer days can make breathing harder, some plants make my eyes itch and water but Oil Seed Rape just about kills me its a bad one for asthmatics and hay fever sufferers, it looks so pretty too.


I've never suffered before but this summer I am really wheezing at the end of a run. My practice nurse suggested taking an anti-histamine before I go out, and also gave me a ?spacer? (I think that's what it's called) that my ventolin puffs into - apparently you get more of the active ingredient this way than if you use your inhaler directly into your mouth. I was still very wheezy this morning though :(


I have found that my breathing has definitely improved since running. However the other day I was so wheezy as there was the dreaded rape seed and lots of grass seed flying about. I really struggled. I think glasses would help for that??


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