Brooks shoes

So, are the Brooks shoes just for running, or are they good for other sports also?

My daughter (who is very sporty) has been having problems with shin splints, weak ankle ligaments, fallen arches and funny knees - she needs some really supportive sports footwear and I wondered whether Brooks would be suitable.

She has some orthopedic insoles provided by a bio-mechanist which she needs to wear all the time.


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8 Replies

  • I went to the special running shoe shop to get my shoes ( brooks) which I was assessed for. I run with my son and he started to get niggles too so I took him to be assessed too. Turns out he over- pronates too and they fitted him with some brooks to correct it. Have to say mummy nor lad have had any problems since. I'd recommend taking her to be properly assessed. Not sure re other sports but that would be logical to me??

  • Thanks Juicyju. She was thinking to going to sweatshop (in Westbury on Trym, actually) in a day or two, but is a little worried that they will try to sell her something that is not really suitable.

    She is 22 btw.

  • Aha not a child!! We went to the running shop near st mic heals hospital and they seemed to really know their stuff?

  • Thank you, I will suggest this to her.

  • I've got new Brooks too and wore them in the gym and to classes for the first two weeks. They were great but were bought primarily for running. I think it would depend on what other sports you were considering, ask the question when you go to buy is my suggestion.

  • She is worried about twisting and sudden stops when playing sports (like netball, for example). She isn't really a runner/jogger, but plays netball, lacrosse, football, goes to the gym, dancing, etc. etc. etc.

    She will have to ask at the shop, but as I said to Juicyju, she is worried she won't get some 'appropriate' footwear.

  • Hi Markee I think she would be best to have a chat with some of the people she plays these sports with and get an idea from them. I know when I have worn my running shoes (ASICS) in the gym for Zumba I have ended up with very painful knees because you have to turn quickly with the dance steps and the grip on the running shoes is all wrong for this type of movement which I find when playing badminton too. My ASICS are absolutely fine for gym work and classes like Body Pump. The surfaces she plays on will be different too so she may need more than one pair, grass needing a different sole to hard court and indoors. Hope this helps a bit but it won't help your bank account much !!!

  • You are a font of wisdom, Oldgirl! She is going to have to rely on the advice of a sales person, as she has just finished university and come home for now (no job, :( ) Which, of course, means that it will be my bank account which takes a bashing.

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