Couch to 5K

I took on Week 6 and survived .......I am officially a runner apparently !!

I did it , not quite sure how but I have survived week 6. All those that said to treat it with respect were so right run 2 was so hard I was almost physically sick but I have just got back in from run 3 and am buzzing !!!

It seems a little easier actually running with no breaks as bizarre as that sounds ........but I am just grateful to have survived, come on week 7 i'm ready for you :)

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Me toooo!!! Literally just in now. How amazing did it feel for Laura to say 'you're now officially a runner'?!

I like the intervals, myself. For some reason, if I run for a while, have a break and then carry on I always feel much better on the second leg whereas if I just keep going I find it much tougher. So, I enjoyed W6R2 much more than R3 but each to their own! It bodes well for you that you don't like intervals because there aren't anymore now!

Very well done you! See you in week 7!



And me! Still glowing with the satisfaction of finishing week 6 this afternoon. I don't believe that I'm really a runner, but if Laura says it then it must be true! Roll on week 7...


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