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Knee problems - out the running!

I completed W4R2 last Tuesday but was aware of a sharp pain on the inside of my knee each time I started running... nothing much though. I got home, did my stretches, and within 20m could hardly put weight any more on my left knee for the pain and the feeling it was about to give way!

By the next day it was better, but still hurt, not only on the inside of the knee but under it too, so I saw a physio who told me that it was overuse. Booooooh! So now I am doing some stretching exercises (it appears that when I sit with my legs flat in front of me my left knee is higher than the other) and some strengthening exercises for the quads.

I'm really frustrated as I felt I was getting the hang of things! Am taking a week off and then if it feels ok shall start slowly, but I must stop if it begins to hurt. Yesterday I also had my feet checked and bought new shoes - and found that my old ones from a few years ago were not actually correct - apparently I'm a neutral runner, and they were for overpronation, so this may have aggravated the problem.

Am itching to get back to running! Wishing all of you good progress this week - I shall be following your blogs even if I can't run!

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Oh dear, I did W4R2 today too so we are at a similar stage. I suspect that doing Strength and Flexibility alongside C25K is helping my joints. I have never done any running, or sports for many years now, and everyone tells me I'll end up wrecking my knees! I hope not.

It must be frustrating for you but do be cautious because if you ignore the advice it will take a lot longer to get fit again.Good Luck with the exercises!


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