Couch to 5K

Kinda injured my knee at work, not sure how to handle this :(

I say injured I mean bruised very badly. Its something that'll heal with time, it hurts when I bend my knee. I am not sure if I should run but just to make sure I don't get into habit of making up excuses again, I am planning on continuing on to week 5 as per the plan.

If I fail becoz of the pain at least I will have tried. I am not sure its the best idea but I have come so far and I don't want to stop.

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I don't know how you feel about herbal and homeopathic remedies but I was very surprised when a elderly, long qualified pharmacist advised me to use arnica for badly bruised knees. I was a little sceptical at first ... not helped by my husband who thinks all such things are mumbo jumbo and quackery .... but I bought some tiny arnica pills and had some for a few days only ... the bruising disappeared in record time and the pain with it. He had explained that after a new kind of activity, my knees joints had just taken a beating and the bruising had resulted ... I still don't know how it worked but I'm glad it did ... I haven't had knee pain since, and that was all some months ago when I was quite new to the programme. Just a thought :)


I'd go and see a doctor if I were you. You don't want to make it worse which could lay you up for longer than if you just rest it for a while. You'll be able to take the running up again when it's better.


I'd agree do not run on it until you have seen someone. I made the same mistake and made things worse. I started swimming and riding my bike for 3 weeks whilst my knee healed. Both activities were far more gentle on my knee. After 3 weeks I went back to the week I had just completed and went from there. Everything was fine.


you could always try just walking to the podcast just a gentle walk and keep repeating the same run as a walk on the days that you would exercise that way your not getting out the habit / routine. And when your ready start running bits of it. Best thing to do is listen to your body. You know it better than anyone. If it hurts its telling you its not quite ready. Let us know how you get on, take care.


Poor you! I agree with all the others above about resting it and not running until you have had it checked out. Like LMS2110 I can recommend arnica, although my experience of it was as arnica cream applied and gently rubbed in to the bruised area (not to be used on broken skin though). Good luck, I kow it's difficult to have a setback when you're so enthusiastic about getting on with the programme, but if you run on it now it might do lasting damage - you might very well compensate by using other muscles and mess them up too. Fingers crossed you'll soon be back out there running.


I wouldn't run on it..... I tripped over and bashed my knee at work (i work in construction and cracked it on concrete), oddly it didn't hurt and didn't show signs of bruising so I ran on it in the evening (Wednesday), was a bit sore on Thursday - but it felt ok on the Friday so I ran Friday night and was hobbly on Saturday (paracetamol galore), felt ok so ran on it on the Monday night and couldn't walk on the Tuesday morning - took me an hour and a half to get down the stairs in my house - I ended up on a very strong doctor prescribed codeine / paracetamol / anti-inflammatory combo for four weeks... then it was ok and i went back to gentle running - repeating the week that i was half way through... go and see a doctor and check that nothing is damaged underneath before trying to run. Running is tough on your knees and they need to heal properly xx


I'd suggest taking it a bit easy - maybe try walk or swim instead to keep active? Running is high impact and notorious for knee injuries so take it slowly & carefully. Better a week off now than months off with a more serious problem.

Keep at it!


Thank you all for your advice and support. Good thing my parents are doctors :D

They said it would heal with time. But my dad was a doctor in the army so the kind of responses I get aren't too helpful sometimes lol ("I have seen people run with a bullet in their knee, stop crying" etc etc). He talks about it in good humor for encouragement. But I dislike taking any medicine. I am not even taking paracetamol.

Like suggested I think I will go for a swim today and access my situation tomorrow.


I can, unfortunately, speak from experience here.

My advice is DON'T RUN ON IT.

Rest it as much as possible, use a compression bandage carefully, and not at night, and go swimming when it feels OK.

My knee ended up about twice its normal size and the doc was on the verge of draining it. However, I used rest, elevation and ice (well, a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a towel) when ever I could, and the support when I had to walk. A variation on RICE.

Unfortunately it will take longer to heal than you want, but it will get better.

If you have to start the programme again, does it matter? You know you will do it with the support you get here, so look after it, rest it and remember what support and encouragement you have here.

Finally, if it isn't getting better, go and see the doc and get a physio referral.


You dont want to make things worst,I agree see the doctor,just for advice,or a pharmasist.just to be on the safe side.your doctor may say just a walk for a few days,but at least the doctor can assess by looking at your knee.hope you are fine in a day or two x


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